Garden Offices – Work Space Or Play Room?

Garden offices are specially designed as a place to work from a person’s garden. More and more home workers are choosing a dedicated work space in their garden to lessen the hassle of the daily drive to and from work. Timber built offices are continuing to grow in popularity because the style of building available is considerable, with custom-built garden offices a definite reality at very little extra cost compared to a standard model.

Some look a little more than a garden shed whilst others are extremely contemporary in style featuring lots of glass, folding doors etc. However, some of the most popular garden offices are the more traditional timber buildings that have the aesthetics of a summer-house with the functionality of a home office.

If you intend on using your garden office through the winter then make sure it is lined and insulated. Insulation will help regulate the temperature of the building while double glazed doors and windows will also make a big difference. The traditional appearance of timber garden offices will enhance your garden, will not upset the neighbours and can easily provide the required dedicated workspace. Traditional good looks combined with the use of super-thick, natural looking, modern timber cladding will ensure you stay warm, dry and cozy during the colder months and cooler during the summer. 오피

Ready-to-ship timber buildings are pre-fabricated structures that are primarily made from timber frames for ease of assembly. Glass panels for windows, door frames and additional features are pre-constructed at the manufacturing plant ready to be delivered to your door.

As with other timber buildings, wooden garden offices need to be placed onto a concrete slab or brick plinth to ensure the sturdiness of the structure itself. Some people have opted for a flattened earth area to place their garden office, only to regret it later when the moisture sets in and ruins their beautiful home office… (not recommended!)

Thermally sound garden offices will add value to your home, encourage a relaxed lifestyle and become a feature which attracts buyers when it’s time to sell. In the meantime you’re free to use the structure to its full potential: guest room, additional study, hobby room, art studio, man cave or teen den, the choice is entirely yours.