The Do’s and Don’ts When Dating Women

Dating women can be great fun if you go in with the right attitude. Have self-confidence and show her a great time. Keep conversation light and show her you are a romance guy. Make her feel special and like she is the only woman in the room. xxx

Finding the right woman for you can involve dating a lot of women before you find the one. Here a few do’s and don’ts to remember when dating women, and to increase the chance of your date being successful.

DO: Charm her with your humor. Give her a laugh, entertain her and make her date an enjoyable one.

DON’T: Laugh at your own jokes. Yes you may be funny, but laughing at your own jokes can be very off putting. Smile and show you are pleased she is finding you amusing, and make sure the smile is with your eyes too.

DO: Treat her like a lady. Pulling out her chair and taking her coat may be old fashioned, but they are still very romantic when dating women of today. Women do like to have equal rights, but you should think of these gestures as good manners. Opening her car door for her is also a nice touch. If you see slight blushes then your date is going great.

DON’T: Disrespect her. Many women hold feminist views, and treating her like a dainty creature that cannot hold an intellectual conversation will not go down well.

DO: Offer to pay. Don’t insist; simply ask whether she is happy for you to cover the bill for the date. Even the fiercest feminists are happy to be spoilt from time to time. She might offer to pay for the second date, and allow her to do so.

DON’T: Tell her stories about your past girlfriends and conquests during your college years. There is no need to discuss other women, and if she prompts you answer but change the subject to her. Make her feel like she is the only woman you can think about right now. Make the night about you and her.

DO: Ask questions. When dating women it is important to show you want to get to know them as a person, and not only get them into bed. Find out about what she does, likes and what she desires.